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Calling All NHMF Scholarship Recipients! Nece Hopson Memorial Foundation Event
Where are they now? NHMF Event - LaRhonda Williams Patrick, ESQ.

The Nece Hopson Memorial Foundation seeks to provide what is needed for our community to thrive, starting with our children. Below you will find a detailed list of our offered programs and services to the community along with our major donation events.


Annual Scholarship Awards

The Annual Scholarship Award program provides financial assistance as scholarships to High School seniors to further their education at an accredited university or college. These scholarships are made available each year to students of public high schools in the Houston County district, as well as students from Historically Black College Universities (HBCU). Over $100,000 has been awarded in scholarships from 2001-2021.

Youth Education and Mentor Program (Acorn to Oak Program)

The Acorn to Oak program is a youth mentorship program that takes at-risk youth from the Houston Country area and supports them by developing reading, math, and science skills, as well as exposing them to various arts, recreational, and cultural activities. The program teaches these youth to dream then equips them to make these dreams a reality by educating, exposing, encouraging , developing, challenging, rewarding, motivating , preparing, mothering, and then releasing them.

Youth Enrichment Camp and/or Enrichment Trip

A component of the Acorn to Oak program, the Youth Enrichment Camp is a one week summer camp designed to expose the individual to various forms of the arts, as well as develop their education in reading, math, and computer usage. As of 2021, over 200 students have been sponsored for summer camp.

Youth Career Development Workshops

Another component of the Acorn to Oak program, the foundation holds the Youth Career Development Workshop to provide individuals with information and resources needed to assist them in preparing for their future careers or for furthering their education.

Winter Warmth program

The Winter Warmth Program provides basic winter clothing to youth who otherwise cannot obtain it. Clothing such as coats, winter socks, hats, and gloves are provided to various youth within the Houston County area who are in need. Over 600 elementary school students have benefited from receiving  cost, hats and gloves through this program since 2001.

Food/Clothing Bank Support and C.A.R.E.

The foundation provides food and clothing to the community so that families can get what they need. A major component of our food distribution is our C.A.R.E. (Carryout and Ready to Eat) Program. In the C.A.R.E. Program, we provide bags of nutritional food to students at various elementary schools during the spring and fall breaks. The majority of these meals are breakfast and lunch, which are provided to students at their respective schools. The C.A.R.E. Program ensures that these students always have meals available to them during these breaks

Annual Golf Tournament

The golf tournament is an annual fundraising event with the aim of providing the foundation with the resources necessary to host and provide other services and events, such as the scholarship awards and school supplies distribution.

Distribution of School Supplies

During this event, appropriate school supplies are distributed to students who may not have the means to acquire these supplies on their own in an effort to assist in preparing them for the upcoming school year. A luncheon is hosted throughout the duration of this event. Over 10,000 bags of school supplies have been distributed by the foundation so far.

Senior Citizen Support and Information Services

The foundation provides senior citizens in the Houston Country area with educational information, and information about what programs are available to them. The foundation also sponsors various educational and informational seminars including sponsoring Grandparent Luncheons  and a Fall Women Tea.

Softball/Youth in Sports Program

The Youth in Sports program provides sponsorships for individuals in the Houston County area to participate in sports activities in the region. The Foundation has provided over 30 sponsorships to youth sport teams since 2001.

Birthday Memorial Encouraging Gifts

During November, the month of the late Nece Hopson’s birthday, the foundation provides various gifts of encouragement to youth and senior citizens who are experiencing hardships in their lives, such as major illness or special need.

Thanksgiving and Christmas Community Outreach

The foundation provides gifts to needy families in the Houston County area during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays in the form of food, and gifts for Christmas. Since 2001 over 250 families have been blessed with gifts or food through this program.

Capital Building Campaign

The foundation has an ongoing campaign to acquire the funding to establish a permanent facility in which all of the programs can be hosted from.

Together we can secure a child’s future.

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